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Hello r(E)volutionary mama! Wanna transform your household? Start with my Soul Survey - sign up now!

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and start

Creating a Culture of Wellness in Your Family!

about your family’s health


and build your immunity to worry, fear, and anxiety with tools for making confident choices for the ones you love.

IMAGINE moving from…

  • Freaking out because your kid has a fever to using the fever as part of your health tool kit


  • Ambivalence about giving medication to certainty that you’re making the decisions that work best for your family


  • Fear and insecure thoughts around sickness to trusting the process of healing


Shift your health conversation and improve your family’s health

Health is a dynamic cycle, like the weather.

I can help you relax into a simpler way to take care of your family with mindfulness, purposeful language and a method for making decisions.

As parents we need to access allopathic care but I know you are often not sure when it’s too much or even against the best interest of kids health.

I understand the value of a prescription for best rest and cuddle time, the art of mothering a wounded bird and the power of supplements and whole foods.

I can bring the two worlds together for you so you can be an effective parent that looks to nature, nurture and science to create health.


Let’s create a toolbox for you to create health from the inside out for your family!

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