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Creating a Culture of Wellness in Your Family!



and build your immunity to worry, fear,

and anxiety with tools for making

confident choices for the ones you love.

IMAGINE moving from…

  • freaking out because your kid has a fever to using the fever as part of your health tool kit


  • ambivalence about giving medication to certainty that you’re making the decisions that work best for your family


  • fear and insecure thoughts around sickness to trusting the process of healing


Shift the conversation and
improve your family’s health.

Health is a dynamic cycle,

like the weather.

I can help you relax into a simpler way to take care of your family with mindfulness, purposeful language and a method for making decisions.


This is Holistic Headspace™

An attitude of considering health from a wider perspective, that includes working with natural processes, medication choices, emotional support, focused inquiry, and changing your language around health.




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