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I’m leading the way to clarify your ideas, 

answer your questions and fill in the gaps between

what you know,

what you don’t know,

and what you fear

about keeping your family healthy.

Your health information comes from many places: casual conversations in the playgroup, talk radio, grandma’s input, Dr. Sears, TV shows, and “What to Expect…” books.


You hear a lot of ideas about health. Some make perfect sense and some are confusing.


You have gaps in what you know about keeping kids healthy. You know bits and pieces of real information yet also have enormous black holes.


You have questions. Some are easy to bring up; you’ve really thought about them. Others feel embarrassing or so basic you don’t feel comfortable asking other moms.

I can teach you how the body works, the language of positive body image, and how to maintain wellness in your household.

  Cliche ALERT:    Knowledge is power.

An empowered parent can raise healthier kids.

So What’s My Story?

I’m an observer and organizer of information, a gal who likes to take the bits and pieces and connect them into the big picture of health, healing and wellness.


My headspace is that of a mom, scientist, and holistic healer.

The science and alternative care parts of me may seem to be contradictory, but this combination is powerful because it allows me to parent in a unique and balanced way.

I have kids of my own and I think like a mom.

My family includes 3 children and I’ve been a foster parent. It’s been quite the laboratory of personalities and temperaments.


I understand that you want to raise healthy kids just like I do, and I know you’re doing your best.


So I think a lot about how to sort through conflicting or missing information. It’s easy to get overwhelmed by traditional health care approaches, and newer and perhaps less familiar alternative health care choices. You are open, interested and inspired to raise healthy kids but it’s confusing and one more thing to add to your MONSTER to-do list.


We all need real-life resources and simple ideas on how to implement them. We need to translate heady information into practical steps. This is exactly where I get my geek on.

I’m also a scientist.

I love research and statistics and experiments and truth. My degree in Neuroendocrinology lets me cut through the scientific gobbledygook and connect the data dots for you. Because how many of us has time to read and reflect on science?


There’s a ton of scientific and health information out there in the world. It barely hits your radar because it feels bewildering. You want to trust information yet not delve into it yourself, right? I love doing this and breaking it down into manageable, consumable bites for you.

My Journey from Patient to Healer

I’ve been in practice since 1996 as a family chiropractor and holistic healer.

But my story begins much earlier. My own path from sickness to wellness has shaped my outlook and made theory real.


I was a highly allergic kid. I had classic allergy symptoms: runny nose, facial swelling, trouble breathing, rashes, eczema, low energy/fatigue. I felt like crap my entire childhood.


What’s clear to me now is that the way I was cared for ignored the fundamental processes of the body. What’s also clear is that my parents did the best they could. They took me to doctors. They took me to allergists. They gave me antihistamines. All these were appropriate steps and represented the standard of care. However, none of this resulted in a healthy child — a healthy me.

What was missing?


Looking back, I imagine what my life would have been if…


questions had been asked of my health care providers.


– we had tuned in to my body and to environments that made me healthier.


– my body’s constitution had been considered as a key factor in my healing.


– we had explored and paid attention to how I reacted to what I ate.


– alternative and natural remedies had been investigated.


– we had been mindful of how my anxiety around my allergies made them worse.


– medications were compared and contrasted for me to find the best fit.

If my parents and doctors had known then

what I’m ready to teach you,

I would have been a healthier child.

So… what happened to me, that little girl who spent her childhood in a fog?

Step by step… I got healthy!

Learn how to be the confident parent and the relaxed health care decision-maker your family needs.

Your family depends

on you.  

And you can depend on me.

Together let’s develop your own maternal navigation system for taking care of your family’s health.

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