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05 Jan Conversation Is Gold

A recent article in The Atlantic Monthly states: “Conversation is gold. It’s the most efficient early learning system we have.” Since my whole orientation is conscious conversations, this article struck a chord in my heart. I believe that pumping kids full of facts and making...

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22 Dec Enjoyment Is Healthy

Take a minute to reflect: Is your holiday story one of chaos or enjoyment? Right now my own thoughts are fluctuating from warmth, love and sentimentality for the season, to, “OMG it’s an expensive time of year and I am stressed OUT!” ...

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26 Nov Gratitude For Lumpy Gravy

You’re probably getting lots of emails relating to giving thanks this week — doesn’t everyone already know to give thanks at Thanksgiving? Anyway, I read a unique and important message in the very first lines of Joshua Becker’s “Becoming Minimalist” blog yesterday. It took the...

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