PRAISE | Dr. Heidi Skye
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Dr. Heidi helps me clarify my thinking…


“Consulting with Dr. Heidi has helped me clarify my thinking, allowing me make choices for myself and my teen consistent with my family’s beliefs about health care. She offers common sense, informed dialogue and advice on tough issues such as vaccination, fever, and supplements. I value her ability to cut through often-conflicting information based on real-world evidence.”

– Jan Phillips, Mom

I feel empowered as a parent…


“As a health care practitioner myself, I feel confident making decisions regarding my family’s health; however, there are those times when, as a mother, I doubt my decisions and I am grateful to have Dr. Heidi to turn to. I find myself drawing on her strength and wisdom when I have questions and concerns about my daughter’s well-being. She is always very present with me and she always leaves me feeling empowered as a parent. Dr. Heidi is a wonderful resource for health and healing!”

-Dr. Elissa Katz, Founder Community Chocolate – A Women’s Community Learning Center –

I love Dr. Heidi Skye!


“Dr. Heidi is mindful and incredibly knowledgeable. Throughout the years she has helped me take care of my family with her insight and guidance. Not only is she a resource I can trust but also helped me have a beautiful, conscious birth. She is a true healer.”

– Michelle Gale, Mom and Parenting Coach,

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