(your kids will love)

Parenting is a soulful journey for you.


You’re a seeker, a pioneer. You love to read, explore, and contemplate, eager to impart wonderful concepts onto your kids.

You’re Invited to
Deepen Your Child’s Mind-Body Connection!





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Develop an Empowering Mindset for Your Family!!!

You want your child to know everything – but let’s be honest …

Somehow, between the dishes and the diapers, the daily grind has taken over. You’ve a thousand ideas floating in your head that could change your child’s life forever. But those beautiful conversations about self-healing potential, the mind-body connection and inner wisdom? They only take place in your head. And yet…

You want your children to grow up to be aware, capable, happy, healthy.


It’s essential for them to navigate a world that persuades them to live life disconnected from nature.

You know their bodies are not just diseases waiting to happen.

How do I know?

I’m Dr. Heidi Skye D.C.


Scientist (M.S. in neuroendocrinology) & holistic healer

(18 years in private practice) but above all

I’m a Mom. Just like you.

I get it. You want to raise a child who is happy, healthy and aware. But excessive, conflicting info can cause you to feel insecure.


If you sense it’s time to stop fixing your kids and instead nurture their complete well-being, both on the physical and soul level, you’ll love this program.

My philosophy centers around tuning in to the body’s innate wisdom and building awareness through asking holistic questions (that easily fit into your busy schedule) and identifying:

What your child really needs to feel whole, aware and calm.

Embracing words that celebrate health, instead of fearing sickness.

What you need as a mom to access your healing wisdom and guide your children

I have helped parents just like you:




As a child I was highly allergic and suffered from rashes, breathing problems and constant fatigue. Ongoing doctor visits and medication caused me to have zero confidence in the wisdom of my body. I felt something was wrong with me – all the time.


The conversations I’ve developed for this program are ones I wish I’d had as child.


Through my childhood experience I learned one thing:


(why wait until adulthood to understand that?)

Ready to empower your child?


They are just 4 conversations away from understanding the
Mind Body connection!

 Enrollment For Well-Beings
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JOIN ME and other like-minded moms now, and within a few weeks you’ll be able to…

  • Help your child uncover their inner compass
  • Choose words that celebrate health (instead of affirming sickness)
  • Tap in to your inner healing wisdom with confidence
  • Have deep conversations with kids — without them getting squirmy
  • Stop overreacting in the face of a crisis
  • Navigate the different healthcare options out there
  • Say the right things when your kid is in pain
  • Be a calm parent raising confident kids

Give Your Child the ULTIMATE Gift With This Program

Their well-being will be your legacy.

Through 4 life-changing conversations, this program shows you how to make your child aware of their body’s super healing powers.

This vital awareness will help them navigate illness with skill and without anxiety. It also makes them less susceptible to peer pressure, (drug) abuse and bullying. They’ll take care of their own needs and develop a highly sensitive radar that keeps them out of trouble.

When fear is replaced with empowerment, the sky is the limit!


EXPECT HEALTH: The Mindset for a Lifetime of Wellness

Build your child’s health confidence by:
  • Teaching your child a trust (not fear) based model of living
  • Replacing disconnection by connecting your child with their own inner healing wisdom
  • Stepping into the power of using a name for their body’s wisdom
  • Showing them the subtle art of raising their manifestation vibration
  • Teaching your child to expect health so this becomes their powerful positive mindset (yes, I want drama free!)
  • Moving from ambivalent to self-assured by teaching your child that health comes from inside first

Spiritual Truth: Beliefs are forever evolving.


Build a language of wellness for your family through:

  • Using language to replace stress with calm when there is a sick kid in the house
  • Learning the life-changing tool of speaking process not predicament around illness and life challenges (sooo helpful with teen drama!)
  • Decreasing your parental anxiety (and your child’s fear) by speaking words that affirm healing, shifting and reorganizing — instead of sickness, illness and deterioration
  • Relaxing into conscious connection in place of reaction around family illnesses and symptoms

Spiritual Truth: Words guide our experiences. Use them wisely.


Ask empowering questions to:

  • Create a confident child in tune with their own body
  • Teach your child how to tell what resonates for them
  • You and your child will learn how to notice the cues of their unique constitution
  • Reinforce habits that support who your child is and teach them how to ask for what they need
  • Learn the simple test for your child (and you!) to determine if a course of action is right

Spiritual Truth: Right action stems from being conscious.


Communicate in terms of well-being by:
  • Become comfortable with your child having symptoms
  • Understand how the immune system grows and understand the vital role of childhood illness
  • Learn about system discharge: how it is normal and how to support it
  • Learn language to help your child through a cold, flu or barf bug
  • Feel empowered to create a sacred space for healing
  • Instill a deep connection within your child between their cycles and the cycles of nature
  • You and your child will trust their self-healing potential

Spiritual Truth: The body is aware.

Your Child’s Wellness Is Worth It & Only 4 Conversations Away
— Let’s Go!

Ready to replace fear with trust?

 Enrollment For Well-Beings
Is Closed

Enrollment is closed. Sign up here to be the first notified when the program opens again!


Learn. Apply. Connect. Thrive.


The program is delivered to you over 4 weeks. Each week you’ll receive a new module sharing a specific conversation. I know how busy you are, so I’ve included simple tip sheets you can refer to again and again.


You’ll receive the program materials in video, audio and written format. That way you can listen while you push the stroller, or watch on your computer when you’re at home or read late at night.


Being able to share your experience is of vital importance. That’s why you get to hang out with like-minded moms in our private FB group exclusive to the Well-Beings Program.


You’ll also receive materials (plus BONUSES!) to assist you in turning good talks into fantastic lifelong habits.


*The course is 4 weeks and begins Monday, October 3, 2016

Listen, Watch, Read and Chat Your Way to Family Wellness!


– helping them develop a mindset that’ll set them up to thrive.


 Wouldn’t that be priceless?


The pile of Hay House reading on your night table keeps growing and you’re feeling all inspired… but somehow, that’s where it ends.


This program will help you turn that wisdom into actionable parenting practices your kids will love.


Instead of having to sort through all the info yourself and translate it into language your kids understand, you’ll learn with me and have the whole life-changing experience handed to you.

What is a Revolutionary, Evolutionary Parent?

Here, in community with other Revolutionary, Evolutionary moms, we’ll be:

Discussing the program contents

Celebrating beautiful moments

Offering support to each other when things get rough

It’s a safe & sacred haven to support you on your journey of conscious parenting. As your fearless leader, I’ll be there to help guide you while you explore these great new ideas.

Sound like parents you’d like to hang out with?


ENROLL NOW & JOIN other Revolutionary Evolutionary Parents on their journey to raising healthy, happy and aware kids.

 Enrollment For Well-Beings
Is Closed

Enrollment is closed. Sign up here to be the first notified when the program opens again!


Boost your children’s well-being and create tangible breakthroughs (like drama-free flu season) + receive all the materials you need to turn mental inspiration into actionable talks that’ll change your kid’s life forever.


A Special Live Webinar with
Dr. Heidi Skye 

(on the cutting edge topic)

A Conscious Conversation on Epigenetics and How to Apply It to Kids

Teach your child that the process of health begins in their mind. Exciting, right? It signals their internal chemistry. If you’re the train’s engineer (providing your child with its genetic makeup), your child is the conscious conductor, influencing the path their genes take.


For a long time, science supported the notion that our genes are hardwired and that there’s nothing we can do about it. New research shows us the opposite. In this conversation we’ll talk about how you can set your kids up for an expression of their genome that supports their well-being.

We’ll explore the work of Dr. Bruce Lipton, who introduced the concept of epigenetics (the understanding that the environment directs the expression of our genes).


Teaching your child how they can influence this process equips them with more useful information than a whole phonebook full of health care specialists.


What age should my kids be for this program to benefit my family?

Any age! Parents of all ages have reported that the conversations they learned from my program have been transformative. I also teach this material to pregnant mommas and they love having a headstart on how to grow a Well-Being. Even parents facing an empty nest can benefit. In fact, most parents find their own consciousness evolving as they take the course.

How will I receive the program materials?

Upon joining the Well-Beings program, you’ll be granted access to our private membership area on my my website. There you’ll receive all the materials you need, delivered weekly over 4 weeks. To meet all learning style needs, you’ll get module content in 3 forms: video, audio and written transcript. In addition there will be suggested exercises, topics to bring up with your kids and tip sheets to make your life as a parent easier.

In addition, you’ll be invited to join the Revolutionary Evolutionary Parents private Facebook group. There you can interact with other parents, exchange stories, ask questions and get support when you need it. I’ll be dropping in regularly to discuss program topics and ideas and keep the discussion on track. It’s your online back fence / coffeeklatsch / parenting group, a place to open your heart and share. (No makeup required!)

Is there a lot of homework?

There is no homework! You’ll be invited to join the conversation in the Facebook group (introverts, feel free to lurk—and extroverts, feel free to talk to everybody and answer everybody else’s questions). You’ll receive printable tip sheets so you can easily refer to and implement the material with your kids. You can participate in the recommended activities at your own pace (guilt-free parenting alert!).

What if I don’t have time?

Don’t worry, busy momma! You’ll have lifetime access to the material so you can dip in whenever you have a moment off Mom Duty. The Facebook group is ongoing so you’ll always have your Revolutionary Evolutionary tribe just a click away!

What if my kids don’t like it?

I get your concern, and that’s why I’ll show you in this course how to start a conversation with your kids and keep them engaged throughout. Every mom I’ve worked with has had no problem keeping her kids wanting to hear more. If you run into any trouble, there’s the Facebook group where you’ll get all the support you need! (And you can even vent about your amazing offspring when necessary.)

Are you anti traditional medicine?

No, I’m not anti traditional medicine! I’ve created this course to expand your mind and empower you to climb back into the driver’s seat when it comes to making  your own choices about your family’s health care and well-being. I believe an empowered parent will raise healthy and happy kids. It’s completely up to you how much of what you learn here you’ll use in daily life. My orientation is to always give the body a chance to heal itself before seeking other solutions (and modern medicine relies on the body’s ability to heal too!).

How do I pay?

Payments are processed through PayPal.

Is there a refund policy in case I don’t like it?

I trust that you can make a wise decision based on the extensive information given on this page — therefore all sales are final.

Ready to see your child’s fear turn into unshakable self-confidence

as they tap into their super healing powers?



 Enrollment For Well-Beings
Is Closed

Enrollment is closed. Sign up here to be the first notified when the program opens again!


= What’s Included with the Well-Beings Program =


4 Video Modules of Conscious Conversations with tip and activity sheets *With Lifetime Access*


4 Self-Paced Actionable Guides


4 Weekly Live Q & A Sessions with Dr. Heidi Skye


Bonus Webinar: Parents as Genetic Engineers (easy to understand info on epigenetics)


Private Revolutionary Evolutionary Parents Community Facebook Group to support & empower your journey

$ Priceless

Valued at Over


Early Bird Price!


If you’re still not sure whether the WELL-BEINGS Program is right for you
or you have more questions, please don’t hesitate to email me at:
[email protected]
I’ll answer you via email.

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