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I am inviting YOU to join the Holistic Headspace Community—

a casual place to come relax, learn and interact.

I’ll be leading monthly webinars on topics important to you—all delivered online in the comfort of your home (pj alert!).

We will address the stuff that keeps you up at night—the parenting pressure points around keeping your family healthy:

  • Fever
  • Colds and flues
  • Vaccination
  • Decisions about when illness requires intervention
  • How to assess a sick child
  • Chronic illness in kids
  • Headaches and earaches
  • and skin bumps and rashes (or, what is that thing there?)

We will work on our Holistic Headspace

widening our healthcare understanding and learning about how nature knows to keep us in balance.

Let’s remember that “Holistic”… means considering the whole and not taking things out of context. As mommas, it’s paramount to explore the bigger picture so we can move from being overreactive and fearful to trusting and confident caregivers.

I’ll take you on a journey of education and exploration around the following topics:

The Language of Wellness

Learn an effective and empowering way to speak about our bodies that reinforces wellness and the innate ability to heal.

Epigenetics. Epi… what?

Genes and genetics explained simply and in a way that helps inform your decisions. Epigenetics studies whether we’re hardwired or genetically flexible. We’ll talk about what influences the expression of our genome.

Teach Your Child to Feel the Vibe

We all want our children to be capable and aware. Let’s guide our children to develop their capacity to understand what works for their bodies and what doesn’t, and step out of the way as they mature.

mindful child

The Healing Household

Easy steps and considerations your family can take to create an environment for healing and health in your home.

Create an Expectation of Health

Nothing could be more powerful than cultivating a mind that expects health as a lifelong experience and process. Connect your child to their own healing wisdom.

Blending Nature and Nurture

Create more harmony, congruency and wellness in your family when you stop just treating symptoms and focus on nurturing your child.

How the Body Works—simplified

No 4-hour physiology class here (yawn)—just straightforward explanations of everything from digesting and pooping to brain function and development. I’ll teach you how to teach your kids how smart their body is!

Constitutional Body Awareness

Let’s decode your child’s individual constitution and learn how to work with it instead of against it. Most of us tend to treat our kids’ physiology like our own. (Hint: It’s rarely the same!)

This community is all about empowering you in simple and effective ways to create a culture of wellness in your family.

Thanks for stopping by!

I look forward to getting to know you. 

Dr. Heidi Skye

This online community is launching in 2016 so sign up here to be informed when the community is open.

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