Vibrational Mama Power (or How to Make the Holidays ACTUALLY Jolly) | Dr. Heidi Skye
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Vibrational Mama Power (or How to Make the Holidays ACTUALLY Jolly)

Power yoga.  Power smoothie. Powerlifting. Power rangers (yes, I’m a mom).

Power is a buzz word right now.  (Paleo is too but that’s another blog.)

I want to talk to you about mamas and our power.

I have my own way of thinking about power.  Our power lies not in overcoming people or situations, but in the ability to shift energy.

You see, as mamas we have huge power to set the tone of our family experiences.  This is true whether it’s a dinner, an afternoon outing, a birthday party or a holiday celebration.

We can set the vibe (short for vibration) of our homes and families.

A vibration, huh?  One definition is “a general emotional feeling one has from another person, place or situation.”  It’s a little more complicated than the sound from a deep cello or twangy mandolin.  Or when your cell phone goes off.

Vibration is energy. And mamas on a mission — we can choose what energy we want to create.

As mamas we do this naturally.  You do the quiet bedtime routine a million times to soothe your rambunctious tot, or energized mornings to get kids out the door. Then there’s the calm collected thing you do when your kid presents you with a bleeding injury (mamas tend to get focused here!).

Kids tend to be discombobulated and warbly about their vibe.  They are little tuning forks who respond to everything they encounter.  The sticky counter they unexpectedly touch, the spider in the corner or the room full of relatives (aka strangers) can cause our kids’ energy to amp up, shift or go ballistic.  They don’t have mature energy management — yet.  So they often rely on us to manage them.

That’s why “mama-ing” is so hard.  Kids naturally look to us to help them manage their own cray-cray energy.

And we do. (day and night)

Mamas often do a great job responding in the moment, but are less skilfull at creating the vibe they want from day to day.

Vibration, this vibe that we create, actually generates movement.   Not just in us but in the environment around us.  Think of it this way: plucking a string on a instrument doesn’t just create sound, it creates movement in the air.

It’s easy to forget how our own vibe affects our environment. So if you learn how to direct your vibe, you are in your power place, mama.

Our vibe physically changes the energy,
space and people around us.
(This is powerful.)

Vibration can move mountains, and the mama who sets the vibe is a changemaker.

I had an experience years ago that got me to notice what vibe I brought to the party.  It was the day of my son’s dragon themed birthday, a day of over the top birthday-party-chaos.  This kid needs cake — this kid is gluten free — who spilled their juice?  I was running all over the place, unfocused, reactive, cranky and controlling — and I became one of the chaotic moving parts (#yuckyfeeling). I didn’t connect with any of the moms.  It was NO Fun for this mama.

What happened? I forgot to bring the vibe I wanted to create. Instead I was mirroring the energy of twelve 4-year-olds — not at all the vibe I needed.

In contrast to the birthday party from the dark side, my recent real life example was this past Thanksgiving.  I wanted it to feel calm and focused.  I’ve had plenty of T-day dinners that were too chaotic, rushed and stressful. I knew what I wanted and I intentionally chose words to create it: domestic, calm, family, open, fun.

Naming my intention, I set myself up for success.  I shopped early, culled my cooking list and asked my family to plan on pitching in that day.  

The day of I got up early and got cooking.  I turned on mellow music.  And I intentionally calmed my body by breathing slowly and noticing the sounds and sights of my kitchen and home.  At one point I was feeling stressed that the turkey was taking longer than expected, so instead of freaking out, I handed off the turkey baster and went outside for a walk.  Calm was my mantra for the day.

It ended up being a relaxed and fun holiday!  I’m quite proud of the vibe I envisioned and created.

So…… I invite you to step into your vibrational power.  

Try it at dinner tonight.  Or this Saturday, or on the car ride to anywhere.  Pick a vibe you want to intentionally create: fun, connected, lingering, goofy, intentional, calm — take your tribe in any direction.   

Turbo Tip: Don’t keep this all a secret.  

Talk to your kids about it.  Show them how you’d bring a vibe into the world.  It will serve them at home, on the field and when they enter their first college class.

You can “om” on your own all you want, but the way you really see the vibe you’re creating in the world is to take it outward.  Pluck the string and hear the movement that spreads through your world.

Share in the comments below an example of a vibe you have successfully created!

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