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Tell me mama, do you ask yourself:

  • Am I happy with the food my family eats?
  • How do I get my family (and me) to stop being such couch potatoes and move their bodies?
  • Can I really trust my parenting instincts (#nervousnellie)?
  • I feel so nervous and anxious when my kid is sick or hurt! How can I shift this?
  • How do I get my family to take media breaks? (I want to have more fun adventures with my kids!)
  • How do I prioritize my self care so I can nurture my family?
  • How can I create rituals that connect my family? (Sunday dinner, movie night, volunteerism, weekly family hike etc.)
  • Do I practice mindfulness and try to stay present with my children (#spiritualfamily)?


Get in touch with your heart’s desire for your family and begin creating it.


Hey busy mama, you’re invited to move from just keeping it all going (the daily blitz of meals, activities, bedtime, cleaning…) to being an intentional and empowered mama.


Have you ever thought “I’m so busy caring and doing that my goals for my family are a distant memory.  What happened to my vision of raising kids and the vibe I wanted in my home?”


I’m a mom too (so I totally get it) and I’m gonna help you shift into your place of soulful power.  I think we can agree that as moms we are the heart and soul of our families.


Being a mom is more than keeping our kids safe and fed.
It’s deep heart centered work.  

Are you infusing you into your family?  

You want be a mama who uses soulful intention and modern wisdom.


But how confidently are you making your wishes known and activated?


What would it be like to…


hear your own intuition loud and clear,


be acting on your vision,




enjoy well-being along the way?

Just imagine…


Filled with a positive and focused mindset, you’ve minimized stress and maximized expression.


Feeling happy, fulfilled and content… you are finally on your true path. You follow your heart and live your life with passion.


You’ve got energy to be a r(E)volutionary mama and prioritize your self care to keep your tank full.


You enjoy time with your family and have plenty of fun with your friends. Your journey is filled with laughs and love.


You are confident in the choices you make and you know that anything is possible. You love your intentional life.


You have the right support around you to be the very best version of yourself. Both in life and online you’ve cultivated a circle of love, friendship and accountability.




A transformational 6 week program to help you create your ideal life!

I want you to feel inspired and empowered, to love your life and be proud of how you show up for your family.


What would it feel like to live your life…


Rockin’ your inspired vision

not from playgroup, peer or perfect mama pressure.


Moving from your soul’s intuition

enjoying the quiet from the noise.


Enjoying the powerful place of wellbeing

instead of fatigue and exhaustion.

I am your mama mentor.


I figured it out the hard way so now you don’t have to.

You. Are. Not. Alone.



(M.S. in neuroendocrinology)


(peer reviewed journals)


(20+ years in private practice)


(my passion)


(tapped into my own wisdom as a kid)


(my daily circus includes 3 kids,
foster parenting, a blended family
and too many pets to count)

Intuition was the essence of my self healing. It got me through years of suffering from severe allergies. I came out on the other side a healer, passionate about holistic health and skilled at helping moms tap into their inner wisdom.


Well-being comes from many places, but it starts from the inside. When our homes reflect our inner selves, we are healthy. I’ve helped many moms turn a place of overwhelm, stress and chaos into a home where their ideals come to life. I’ve held this touchstone — inner alignment — throughout the years of being a mom.


A mom connected to her heart is a visionary. When we are connected to ourselves and express what we want to create (whether it’s pot of chili or a house full of kids who love to read) we are grounded and happy. I help moms to listen, be heard and create actionable steps so they bring their heart’s desires to life.


You’re the center of your family universe, mama. Bringing your vision and intuition and well-being to life creates a revolution (#hugeimpact). I’ve been a revolutionary many times: when bringing our new baby home, fostering a sweet 2-year-old, blending a family. I’m your guide through the wilderness where I have already worn a path.

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I have 3 kids (2 girls and a boy) in my family. They all have different temperaments, different interests and different ways of being in the world. I’m in the trenches with them every day, dealing with flus, fevers, depleted immune systems, and personalities — not to mention carpooling, media management squabbles, and making sure homework gets done.


I’m doing the deep work of bringing my heart’s desires into a family culture that already has their own. Ours is a blended family and in melding two family identities and cultures I’ve worked to both honor what exists and evolve it. I always say “Mama sets the tone” — which isn’t always easy, but it’s been both a real challenge and a gift.


One by-fire experience I learned from was being a foster mom. I dealt with a seriously medically challenged child who had been separated from her mama!! (#heartstrings) I tended her emotional needs as I nurtured her and invited her to settle into our home — and make it her own. It was one of the most intense phases of my life and I’m so glad I got to go through it.


I’m a holistic practitioner and I LOVE it! Every day I care for families — parents, newborns, pregnant women — addressing their health problems, their healing, their pain. All real-world stuff. In my chiropractic practice, I educate moms on caring for their infants and kids, give breastfeeding support and coach them on how to trust their instincts. I’ve handled the late-night calls about whether or not to go to the ER, the exhausted new mom, the tweener with growing pains, all types of spinal issues, moms asking about holistic care for fevers and flus… and the list goes on.


I call myself a science geek since I’ve studied deeply my entire adult life. I’m not afraid of journals and I read a TON to stay up to date. I studied both biology and physics in college before going on to earn a doctorate in chiropractic and a master’s degree in neuroendocrinology. I’ve done scientific research and had my articles published in science journals, as well as, holistic parenting magazines. I’m the real deal.


All this began with a childhood when I felt sick almost every day. I was highly allergic and suffered from rashes, breathing problems and constant fatigue. Ongoing doctor visits and medication gave me zero confidence in the wisdom of my body, and my parents didn’t know what to do besides listen to what the doctors said. I felt something was wrong with me – all the time. Over time I learned to listen to my body and I shifted my health and perspective so dramatically that now I am fit, non-allergic and have avoided all the physical “problems” my family members suffer from.


All of my experiences have brought me here to you. I’ve integrated all these experiences into the core concepts that I know make a difference in the lives of moms. I know they work because I’ve used these ideas, tools and practices in my own body, my family and my community. And now I am giving them them to you.


  • Real support to stop spinning our wheels and be confident and do what feels right for us (not others).
  • Help transforming ourselves into the powerful, centered, caring mamas we’d always wanted to be.
  • A trusted space and community to help us connect to our heart’s desires and launch us into action.
  • A guide to help us to become a soulful moms.

This is for you, mama…

Ready to change your life and impact the world in your way?


Are you ready to be a r(E)volutionary mama?

I’m excited for you to get informed and inspired with info you can use for a lifetime!




Access to Online Course & Bonuses


3 Live Q and A Calls with Dr. Heidi Skye (valued at $499)


Bonus #1: Thoughts are Things Webinar (valued at $99)


Unlimited access to course materials (valued at over $1,000)


Unlimited access to the r(E)volutionary mama Facebook community (priceless!)




Access to Online Course & Bonuses


3 Live Q and A Calls with Dr. Heidi Skye (valued at $499)


Bonus #1: Thoughts are Things Webinar (valued at $99)


Unlimited access to course materials (valued at over $1,000)


Unlimited access to the r(E)volutionary mama Facebook community (priceless!)

Time is running out to join us!

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You’re inspired and ready to join a community.


You’re ready to lean into trust —


Trusting yourself and your parenting instincts.


Trusting the body to heal and creating opportunities for your kids


to learn from their own experiences.


Trusting that you can bring your heart’s desires into your home


And create the intentional place of love and nourishment for your family.

This 6 Week Experience 


Changes your life by
shifting your Vision, Intuition and Well-being


You’ll have the special gift of alternating learning modules with integration weeks to help you incorporate new ideas into your life without overwhelm.

Week 1 + 2 — VISION


Mama, feeling grounded and effective begins with your relationship with yourself. Together we’ll take time for you to connect with and listen to your heart’s desire for your family — and build you a more soulful home.

Week 1 — VISION


  • Get clear about what you really want for your family.
  • Uncover the sticky points that keep you from fully showing up.
  • Identify the building blocks for your home sweet soulful home.
  • Create powerful reminders to keep your family vision on track.



  • Share your soulful Mama Mission Statements
  • Cultivate ideas for integrating your vision into your family
  • I’ll be showing up live in our private Facebook group for Q & A and support.

** Each main module topic has a Group Activation Week in between **

Week 3 + 4 — INTUITION


Stay consistently connected to your intuition, truth and passion. Learn to manage the challenges of FOMO (“fear of missing out”), stress, and lack of support. Express your inner mama power.



  • Hear your own voice in your family.
  • Learn how to make resonant choices for taking your next steps forward.
  • Build your vision by tapping into your needs without shame, blame or self-judgment.
  • Stop acting from FOMO and shift to following your heart’s desires.
  • Invite in your soulful support team.


  • Share your intuitive goals and your experience of making them happen.
  • Brainstorm plans for calling in (and calling on) your soulful support team.
  • I’ll be live in our Facebook group to coach and troubleshoot.

** Each main module topic has a Group Activation Week in between **

Week 5 + 6 — WELLBEING


Develop one of your most powerful tools: your mind body connection. I’ll show you how to take care of your body by addressing your mindset. Learn the hidden truths around healing, wellness, and family life.



  • Uncover what your body actually needs to be healthy.
  • Discover how your language affects your health.
  • Deepen your self-healing potential and the powerful connection between mind and body.
  • Learn that holistic thinking is more than using natural foods and remedies.
  • Create a sacred space for healing when your family needs it.



  • Hear how your fellow mamas work with the mind-body connection in real life.
  • Set your wellness intention and generate ways to make it come alive.
  • I’ll be live in our Facebook group to dive deep into mindset, answer questions and offer inspiration.

Are you ready to be a r(E)volutionary mama?





Access to Online Course & Bonuses


3 Live Q and A Calls with Dr. Heidi Skye (valued at $499)


Bonus #1: Thoughts are Things Webinar (valued at $99)


Unlimited access to course materials (valued at over $1,000)


Unlimited access to the r(E)volutionary mama Facebook community (priceless!)




Access to Online Course & Bonuses


3 Live Q and A Calls with Dr. Heidi Skye (valued at $499)


Bonus #1: Thoughts are Things Webinar (valued at $99)


Unlimited access to course materials (valued at over $1,000)


Unlimited access to the r(E)volutionary mama Facebook community (priceless!)

Here’s How It Works…





The heart and soul of The r(E)volutionary mama program is a beautiful, secure and mobile responsive membership site with 6 weekly video modules and special bonus content. Each week you will receive access to a new module.



Each module has been carefully crafted with videos, audios and handouts so that you can easily implement the program into your busy life.



When you enroll you will join our private facebook group. Here you will enjoy the community of r(E)volutionary mamas and me! I’ll be live in here and you can ask questions based on our biweekly topics.



You’ll have the special gift of alternating learning modules (weeks 1, 3 & 5 with integration weeks (weeks 2, 4 and 6) to help you incorporate new ideas into your life without overwhelm.


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Any age! Mamas with kids of all ages have reported that the conversations they learned from my program have been relevant and inspirational. I teach this material to pregnant mommas too and they love having a head start on how to tend and transform their family culture.
After you enroll you will be given access to our private membership area where you will access the videos and tipsheets. Every week you will receive a new topic with its materials there. Our private Facebook group is where you can post questions and see how others are using the concepts and ideas in their homes. I will be doing weekly live sessions in this group for you to ask me questions.
There is no homework! You’ll be invited to join the conversation in our private Facebook group and you’ll receive printable tip sheets so you can easily remind yourself and implement the material with your kids. You can participate in the recommended activities at your own pace (guilt free parenting alert!)
Don’t worry busy momma! You’ll have lifetime access to the material so you can dip in when you do have time. The Facebook group is ongoing so you’ll always have your tribe of r(E)volutionary mamas just a click away!
Payment is processed through PayPal. You can either choose to pay the one-time fee of $297 or make use of the payment plan of two payments of $175. One at time of purchase, and one in 2 weeks.
I trust that you can make a wise decision based on the extensive information given on this page, therefore all sales are final.

Praise for r(E)volutionary mama

“I feel more confident to trust my instincts, I’m not so stressed out with my baby boy. Now I’m focusing on bringing my soul into our home!”



“I learned that mama’s set the tone of our home and I wasn’t being true to what I wanted for my family. r(e)volutionary mama helped me get clear and take action! Now I’ve found my sweet spot and I’m proud of the changes I’ve made.”



“I’ve tapped into myself more than ever as a mom. I’m less stressed and clear on my desires for my family.”



Join us and be a r(E)volutionary mama!


“The joy, the juice and the deep satisfaction of being a mama comes from of your soul”
– Dr. Heidi Skye

Copyright Dr. Heidi Skye