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Dr. Heidi has written her inspired message for thought leaders and it is featured in the Amazon Best Selling Book Behind Her Brand.

Dr. Heidi’s message cultivates success, joy, healing, confidence and abundance…



“All too often we miss the opportunity to celebrate others.  I do not want to miss this chance to share that Dr. Heidi is the kind of person who uplifts, serves, and enhances life.


I have known Heidi for over 20 years and I have consistently watched her live out her values. She embraces the responsibility and desire to seek out the best in others, and she lives with the daily purpose of cultivating success, joy, healing, confidence and abundance within others.


A truly impactful person leaves you not with a sense of how magnificent they are, but rather, with a greater sense of your own self efficacy and worth. As a speaker, Heidi creates this feeling inside me and all those lucky enough to hear her message.


Heidi has made it her lifelong mission to uplift and empower parents, families and youth so they may lead, grow, heal, and inspire the world.


Heidi soothes and eliminates the constant inner dialogue of fear, self-doubt, self-loathing, self-criticism, limitation and anxiety from all of us and teaches us strategies to prosper and be healthy in the daily journey of life.


I wish that all who have the chance to experience Heidi’s presence, wisdom, and practice have the true honor to do so. For that is what it is: an honor.”

– Dr. Jason Kolber, Specialist in Human and Athletic Performance

Contact me here if you’re interested in booking me for an upcoming speaking engagement.